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Valuables & Household Contents Appraisal
Professional advice and valuations of your Antiques,
Valuables and Household Contents
Advice on Tax Incentives for the Cultural Gifts Program

Discover what your valuables are really worth
Catherine Ricketts & Kevin Parker have over 4
0 years experience in the antique trade, have a profound knowledge and are nationally recognised antique dealers.

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Antique valuation | Nudgee Road Antiques
Australian Government Approved Valuer | Nudgee Road Antiques

Government Approved Valuer
Oriental Specialist

Est. 1984
Catherine Ricketts

+61 411 709 669

Australian & European
Est. 1969

Kevin Parker

+61 411 709 660

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: I am not sure about whether I have something valuable or not. What should I do? Will you charge me for your advice?

A: I will offer free advice for up to two items for general enquiries for resale purposes. Please send  detailed images with your query. If there are a number of other items, a charge will apply. With apologies, due to the overwhelming number of enquiries, please note that you may not get a reply from me if an item is under the value of $100.


Q: How do I approach you regarding a valuation?

A: For a proper valuation, for insurances purposes, family division or insurance claim, you may email me with detailed images or bring the item in for me to evaluate on the spot. With household contents or large items, I will give you a price quotation on distance involved for an on-site visit and hours involved before finalising a scheduled appointment, if required.


Q: How do you give a valuation?

A: Valuation will vary according to either market valuation or insurance valuation. Market value is what the item is expected to realise when offered for sale. Insurance value is the estimate of the cost of reinstating the item with a new modern equivalent for insurance purposes. This is also referred to as replacement value.


Q: How much will it cost me for your valuation service?

A: My fee depends on whether: (1) I sight the item; (2) I value it through photographs; or (3) I visit you on-site.


Q: I am an executor of a deceased estate. Do you do on-site valuations?

A: Yes, we do. You will need to make an appointment for a suitable time.  I will give you an approximate verbal quote according to distance and time that may be involved. If you want to go ahead, we can schedule an appointment. I will come to you and photograph and make a full inventory of the contents and then compile a valuation. My valuation will reflect fair market value at the time of assessment for the purpose of either resale or family division.


Q: How will I receive my valuation?

A: I can submit my valuation to you electronically, or print it and post to you or both.


Q: What should I do to get a valuation on a damaged item for an insurance claim?

A: Take some photos of the damaged item and email them to me with some information relating to the item, I will quote you our fee and advise whether the item is worth for the claim.  I need to inspect the damaged item when you agree to proceed with the report. 

Q: Do you value jewellery?

A: Yes - vintage jewellery with gold and silver. If there is a large gemstone involved, I suggest you request a valuation from an expert jewellery valuer. Please keep in mind that with most jewellery, the value is generally in the weight of the precious metal - gold or silver, unless the item is of a significant historical value.

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